Big data
efficiently used

Big data
efficiently used

Data management

The real estate industry is a data giant; the data it generates is diverse and almost limitless. Yet the existence of the data by itself is of little use: it needs to be consistently gathered, organised and filed. Data management and data standards are therefore the key to the effective exploitation of big data. Cotecda can help you with the qualitative and structured processing of your real estate data. We use a valid data analysis to assure a dependable decision-making basis for goal-orientated portfolio control and for increasing the performance of each property, while complying with ESG sustainability aspects. 

Towards outstanding real estate with Cotecda

We are a certified company for 

  • BREEAM DE portfolio auditing  
  • BREEAM DE portfolio certification

‘The value of practical, structured data management is very often underestimated. Yet in today’s digitisation-focused times, it forms the basis for all further processes in day-to-day working.’

Jennifer Schorn
Project manager, real estate management

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